fredag 18 maj 2007

Losing my edge

Fan. Per Hagman hade rätt. Igen. De bästa konserterna är de man missar. Medan jag, Peter och Micke satt och drack öl på Östermalm och lyssnade till Gustav Gelins stundtals väl reaktionära indie verkar det ha hänt stora saker på Söder. Vad kan man göra annat än att referera till James Murphy?

I was the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids.
I played it at CBGB's.
Everybody thought I was crazy.
We all know.
I was there.
I was there.
I've never been wrong.

I used to work in the record store.
I had everything before anyone.
I was there in the Paradise Garage DJ booth with Larry Levan.
I was there in Jamaica during the great sound clashes.
I woke up naked on the beach in Ibiza in 1988.

But I'm losing my edge to better-looking people with better ideas and more talent.
And they're actually really, really nice.

I'm losing my edge.

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